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Burning Ordinance

Thanks to the gracious cooperation of Chief Rich Tobiasz of the Spring Grove Fire Protection District, Gloria Kraft, First Vice President, was able to obtain the regulations that govern burning within our subdivision.

Burning Ordinance rules. These rules are the modifications of the BOCA National Fire Prevention Code, Chapter 4, as modified by the McHenry County Board with Planning and Development responsible for enforcement:
  • Landscape waste (grass, shrubbery, leaves, tree limbs, accumulated as a result of the care of the above).
  • Weekend days.
  • Dawn to dusk.
  • October, November, April, or May.
  • As not to create a visibility hazard on roadways, railroad tracks, or air fields.
  • Not less than 30 feet from any structure.
  • Provisions must be made to prevent the fire from spreading to within 30 feet of any structure.
  • Cannot be used for waste disposal (also a health department violation).
  • Prohibited where it will be offensive or objectionable due to smoke or odor emissions when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous.
  • Have a method of extinguishing the fire present.
  • Campfires are permitted (3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet).
  • Bonfires (5 feet by 5 feet by 5 feet) require a permit from Planning and Development.
  • Open burning of landscape waste 500 feet or more from a neighboring residential dwelling is NOT subject to these rules (intended for farmers but could apply to others greater than 500 feet away). Top

There are some proposed new rules that will put open burning (landscape waste) under the health department rather than Planning and Development. The McHenry County Board will not take up this ordinance change until Tuesday, December 4th after this current burning season. Thus we will continue under the above rules.

In the Village of Spring Grove, burning may continue on any day of the week, but essentially the same rules as McHenry County apply, including months of the year, material, etc.

Fox Lake has rules as well, though I do not know what they are. Sundial Farms and some homes on the east side of Wilmot Road are in Fox Lake and they would have to follow the Fox Lake rules at least until the health department gets their new ordinance passed.

Please call or e-mail Rich Tobiasz if you have questions.

  Chief Rich Tobiasz
  Spring Grove Fire Protection District
  8214 Richardson Road
  Spring Grove, IL 60081
  Telephone:   1 (815) 675-2450
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